About Us

Xanthella company is designing and manufacturing photobioreactors to grow algae from lab scale to industrial scale. We are involved in different projects to develop the use of renewable energy to grow high value microalgae in Scotland. ENBIO, funded by Zero Waste Scotland and ASLEE project, is a partnership project conceived by Xanthella and ALIenergy to enhance the rural circular economy.

Xanthella is working with some of the finest research laboratories in Scotland to bring new technologies and processes to photobioreactor design. We are based at the European Marine Science Park alongside the Scottish Association for Marine Science. This is home to the world-famous Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP)


“We are proud to have been recognised at this year’s VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards in the Innovation category. The Awards are a fantastic way to bring the ground breaking ASLEE – ENBIO project to a wider audience and an excellent opportunity to find out more about other like – minded Scottish businesses working to benefit the environment and inspire others.”                                                         – Douglas McKenzie