Xanthella’s PhycophotTM PBR range is designed to be a universal reactor system, suitable for growing almost any type of micro­algae and at any scale while using the same core components. This makes the PBR very flexible in its application and gives the customer a reactor type that can grow with their needs.

24 C3 Z 6813Zeus Control System

At the heart of all of the systems in the range is our proprietary environmental control system. This offers users the ability to optimise, monitor and control the environmental conditions within the PBR for whatever strain of algae they are using. The Zeus II controller™ is extremely flexible. As well as RS 232 communications, Wi-Fi is built in so that the unit can be controlled and monitored remotely.

microPharos™ 1L PBRmicroPharos_2

This PBR is a 10x10x15cm Perspex box with a fitted lid through which different ports and connections enter and leave the reactor. The microPharos is lit by two, external LED tiles either side of the PBR meaning that the effective light path is 5cm. The light tiles come complete with in­built optical sensors. The light tiles are supplied with white LEDs as standard but we can also supply user defined wavelengths and multiple wavelength tiles.

Temperature is controlled by a Peltier device driven by the Zeus unit which uses a thermocouple mounted inside the PBR to monitor temperature. Magnetic catches make it easy to assemble and disassemble the reactor.

Multiple microPharos™ PBRs can be driven from a single Zeus control unit. The reactor is for bench scale research and for teaching and enables researchers to conduct experiments that use a higher number of replicates than would not be possible with rival systems because of cost.

Cyclops PBR™26 C4 Z 6817

Xanthella’s intermediate air­lift PBR model is formed from a single, interchangeable Goldilocks component™ and is termed the Cyclops 20L PBR. The Goldilocks component™ is both the airlift and the internal illumination source for the PBR and has an inner diameter of 10cm so as to provide an optimal light path. It is offered in a variety of LED configurations for optimal biomass and bio product manufacture or for experiments on the effects of different wavelengths of light.

The system is very robust and easy to use and a single reactor makes a good tool for a PhD project or an array of the Cyclops can be cost ­effectively used for larger experiments. The Goldilocks component™ and the Zeus controllers can also be used to form a 3L PBR system by using an adapter at the base and cap of the Goldilocks component™, giving the user the same access to the superior lighting control that the Cyclops system™ offers.

By using a transparent housing, a hybrid Cyclops PBR™ is available that not only shows the workings of the PBR but also allows the reactor to be powered by solar illumination in the day and the Goldilocks unit at night. Alternatively, external LED lights can be used to increase illumination.

A variety of heating, cooling and sensory functions are available for the Cyclops PBR™ depending on the application.

Pandora PBR™

Currently under development and validation is our Pandora PBR™ system designed for pilot scale and industrial scale production. This family of industrial PBRs will be available in 100L, 200L, 500L and 1000L formats.

In addition to the PBR designs themselves, Xanthella offers a range of consumables, spare parts and accessories to complement the PBRs.

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