"Our systems are extremely flexible, with simple and modular base models that can be updated as our customers' needs expand."


Lab to industrial scale photobioreactors

MicroPharos PBR™


Bench top 1L PBR

15 cm (h) x 10 cm (w) x 10 cm (l) acrylic box with a fitter lid. 


Easy to assemble and to operate

Magnetic catches make it easy to assemble and disassemble the PBR. Ports in the lid allow a range of sensor and control functions to be undertaken depending on the user’s requirements.

Speed up your projects

Ideal PBR for R&D purposes. Enables researchers to conduct experiments with a higher number of replicates in a more cost effective manner. MicroPharos™ PBR can also be used as a start-up inoculum for larger algal cultivation.

Fully controlled system

Ports in the lid allow a range of sensor and control functions to be undertaken depending on the user’s requirements. The standard lid includes ports for gas inlet, gas outlet, sampling, temperature and a spare port that can be used for additional functions (such as for pH or light sensors).Temperature is controlled by a Peltier device driven by the Zeus II Controller™ unit. Multiple MicroPharos™ PBRs can be driven from a single Zeus II Controller™.

Last LED technology

The MicroPharos™ is lit by two external LED tiles that are placed on either side of the box, giving an effective light path of 5 cm. The light tiles come with an inbuilt fan to keep them cool when using high light intensities. 

The standard light tiles are supplied with white LEDs. Other user defined wavelengths and multiple wavelength tiles can be supplied upon request.

CryoPharos PBR™

Xanthella have announced the launch of a new version of their easy-to-use and highly flexible microPharos PBR™ photobioreactor system, the cryoPharos PBR™

Not only is the cryoPharos PBR™ ideal for conducting laboratory scale research experiments on a wide range of photosynthetic organisms, this new PBR has been specifically designed to grow organisms that require low temperatures.

The cryoPharos PBR™ is capable of reaching temperatures lower than 0°C even when it is installed on your lab bench at room temperature.

No need for a cold room anymore!



Pandora PBR™


Pandora PBR™ system is ideal for pilot scale and industrial production. This 100-1000L airlift PBR uses the same Zeus II controller™ and LED technology as the other Xanthella PBRs, making easier the scale-up cultivation.






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