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PhD Students

PhD Student: Jessica Nirkko

Host University:  University of Edinburgh

Project Supervisor: Dr. Naomi Nakayama

Project title: Photobioreactors for the sustainable production of plant-driven biocompounds

Project duration:  October 2017 – ongoing


PhD Student: Alison Hughes

Host University:  University of Strathclyde

Project Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Duncan

Project title: The use of narrow-band LED light in photobioreactors and comparative metabolomics to aid the development of marine microalgae for biotechnology

Project duration:  October 2017 – ongoing


PhD Student: Aleksandar Mihnev

Host University:  University of Glasgow

Project Supervisor: Prof Anna Amtmann/ Prof Richard Cogdell

Project title: Narrow band LED technology for high-value pigment production in photosynthetic cell-factories

Project duration:  October 2016 – ongoing


PhD Student: Calum McNerney

Host University:  RGU – Robert Gordon University

Project Supervisor: Dr. Christine Edwards

Project title: The production of high value products from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp (PCC 6803) using pot ale as the primary growth medium

Project duration: October 2015 – ongoing