Scaleable production

Xanthella are focused on the design and production of small scale, modular PBRs and associated plant. There is a global, and potentially mass market for small PBRs that can be used by individuals, communities and SMEs.

The PBRs can be used either to produce algal biodiesel (and co-products) or as environmental devices for sequestering CO2 and treating waste water, with biodiesel being a valuable by-product. Large scale algal biodiesel production would enjoy economies of scale, particularly in regard to oil extraction and transesterification. Localised production will, however, benefit from having minimal transport costs. It also improves fuel security, making localized users immune from external disruption to their fuel supplies. This is particularly attractive to remote communities who suffer higher costs because of their distance from distribution centers (especially island communities). There are also companies and organizations which for practical and/or ethical reasons may wish to be able to produce their own fuels.

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